Benefits of Businessman Successmore

  1. An application set consisted of a catalog, a Businessmanual, receipt (for using as an evidence exhibiting to customers), normal Order Forms, BMC Order Forms, and Application Form.
  2. Success Magazine throughout the membership duration that can be received from our branches or delivered via mail. In the event of any failure to receive any magazine delivered via mail, it may be caused by incorrect address.
    • In the event that any magazine is returned to the company, our staff will inform your via phone or e-mail and you can edit your address by logging in our system with your User Name and Password.
    • In the event that the magazine is not returned to the company that may be caused by any problem of the postman, you can contact our company via Telephone No.603 61502066 or e-mail:
  1. Trainings under the company’s conditions
  2. Income and compensation under Cycle Matching Business Plan

Remarks: In the event of any accident caused by bicycle, the coverage will be reduced by a half of total coverage. “Permanent disability” means any disability hindering from performing any work and occupation permanently.